Apple Leather

What is Apple leather?

Apple leather is a sustainable bio-based alternative to real leather made from appleskins. This innovative new material is made from the waste recovered from the fruit juice industry. To make the leather, the apple waste, from apples cultivated in Italy, is dried and ground into powder. This powder is mixed with pigments and a binder and spread out onto a canvas, until it turns into a leather-like material. Made in Italy from apples grown in Bolzano, a city in the north of the country, the material is approximately 20-30% apple.

What are Apple leather properties?

Apple leather looks and feels a lot like real leather. The result is a cellulose-based material featuring a variety of textures, thicknesses and embossing and laser prints.

How durable is Apple leather?

Apple leather looks and feels a lot like real leather, it is water resistant and highly durable.

What makes Apple leather sustainable?

Apple Leather is cruelty- free, PETA-approved vegan, it is a USDA Certified BioBased Product with 31% composed of apple peels. This material also holds the VEGANOK Certificate - International Vegan Standard.