Ethical Practice and Transparency


Locally Made | Transparent | Craft & Community | Considered Materials & Processes | Reducing Waste | Reforestation

Locally Made: Our bags are designed and handcrafted in a local factory in England.
Transparent: Honesty is our policy. Our supply chain and production is transparent, we source all our materials from sustainably certified suppliers.
 Craft & Community: We work with local talent and artisans in London, the bags are crafted and designed to last.
Considered Materials & Processes: We make our bags from sustainably certified materials including plant-based & bio based leathers such as cactus leather, apple leather & pineapple leather.
Reducing Waste: We re-use any waste materials. All our packaging is reusable or recyclable, from recycled paper labels to recyclable bubble wrap and compostable mailing bags.
Reforestation: We are partnered with Treeapp. For every bag we sell, a tree is planted to help repair the worlds forests and ecosystems.