Pineapple Leather

What is pineapple leather?

Pineapple leather or Piñatex ® is a sustainable leather alternative made from natural and synthetic fibers. Piñatex ® is made of fibre from the waste leaves of the pineapple plant. These leaves are a by-product from existing pineapple harvest, so the raw material requires no additional environmental resources to produce. It is made from a blend of natural pineapple leaf fibers, thermoplastic polyester, and petroleum-based resin. Piñatex is created by felting the long fibres from pineapple leaves together to create a non-woven substrate. (made from 80% pineapple leaf fibre, 20% PLA)

What are pineapple leather properties?

Pineapple leather is a non-woven textile material made to look and feel like leather, though is not made from animal hides. Also called Pinatex, it is made from a combination of natural fibres from the pineapple leaf, and a combination of plastic and resin. No animal by-products are used in it's production.

How durable is pineapple leather?

Piñatex is water resistant and durable. It is not 100% biodegradable. The substrate/base material of Piñatex (made from 80% pineapple leaf fibre, 20% PLA) is biodegradable under controlled industry conditions.

What makes pineapple leather sustainable?

Piñatex® is a natural, sustainably-sourced and cruelty free material. Pineapple leather is not only a sustainable and ethical material, but it has also provided a commercial industry for developing farming communities. Harvested in the Philippines, normally farmers would have to rely on seasonal harvest but being part of the manufacturing process of pinatex allow them to have a second source of income. Additionally they can use the leftover biomass to further fertilise their soil and improve their plantation.

Piñatex® uses no heavy metals, chemicals or toxic substances that could potentially harm the environment, animals or the people that process it. It takes less water and other resources and the overall environmental impact is way better.

Compared to animal leather or synthetic leather (i.e PU leather) pineapple leather is more sustainable and eco friendly. CO2 emission are less and the environmental impact is far smaller than compared to conventional leather. This is partly due to the fact that pineapple leaves get recycled but also because the animal and synthetic leather manufacturing process require a lot of chemicals and other harmful substances.